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The IMA Cleveland Chapter provides accounting and finance professionals with personal and profession development through continuing education programs, leadership opportunities, student chapters, networking, and technical meetings.

With over 60,000 members, the IMA is the leading organization for management accounting and finance professional worldwide.  Members have the opportunity to join a leading group of professional who have advanced beyond the practical accounting skill set by earning IMA’s prestigious global certification and utilizing Benefits of IMA Membership.


About the Profession

The vast majority of accountants and financial professionals - 80%, in fact - work inside businesses and organizations.  Their work is essential to financial management, organizational development, and the achievement of strategic goals.  While external auditing is a very visible part of the accounting profession, sound internal finance and accounting operations are essential fro the proper functioning of any organization.

The roles and responsibilities of internal accountants and financial professionals include:


IMA provides advocacy and support for the professionals who perform these vital functions within businesses.

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Our History

For more than 90 years, IMA has been a champion of - and resource for - the financial management and accounting profession.

Our Mission

IMA’s mission is to provide a forum for research, practice development, education, knowledge sharing, & the advocacy of the highest ethical & best business practices in management accounting & finance.

Our Core Values

We treat each other with respect & dignity, valuing individual and cultural difference.  We work hard to create an environment that respect individuals in an atmosphere of open communication, growth, and learning.